FDA-Registered Hand Sanitizer Spray, 8oz; 4 pack
FDA-Registered Hand Sanitizer Spray, 8oz; 4 pack

FDA-Registered Hand Sanitizer Spray, 8oz; 4 pack

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Highly effective lab grade formula is fast and easy to use for sanitizing hands when washing is not possible. Quick-drying formula does not leave hands feeling sticky. Available in a convenient 8 fl oz (236 mL) spray dispenser.

  • Reduces bacteria that cause disease
  • With 80% alcohol - more effective than solutions with lower alcohol concentrations
  • Unscented and contains no non-essential additives
  • Officially registered with the FDA (#NDC 75303-002-04)

Reduces bacteria that can cause disease

Officially registered with the FDA

How hand sanitizer effectively kills viruses and bacteria

SPEX Hand Sanitizer works by altering the structure of proteins, which helps reduce contamination from the most common germs. It contains 80% Ethanol, which is CDC compliant and recommended by the WHO.

  1. Virus molecules are surrounded by a lipid membrane that protects the genetic material inside. Similarly, bacteria are surrounded by a protective cell wall.
  2. SPEX Hand Sanitizer destroys the lipid membrane of viruses and the cell wall of bacteria. With the lipid membrane and cell wall destroyed, the virus and bacteria die.
  3. SPEX Hand Sanitizer kills germs because it contains 80% Ethanol. Many competitive sanitizers have lower concentrations of Ethanol, which may make them less effective at killing viruses and bacteria.