About SPEX

Scientists have used our products for more than 60 years. Now we're happy to offer SPEX Lab Grade PPE and cleaning products to people everywhere.

Easy to order. Available now.

Research scientists can be some of the world's toughest customers.

Often requiring products that meet standards set by US regulatory groups, they specify PPE and cleaning products like SPEX that make the grade. That's Laboratory Grade.

What Makes SPEX Different?

It’s science.

What Scientists Know

The importance of hand health.



  • LAB GRADE specifications and formulations to satisfy some of the toughest customers
  • For home and where you work, so your world is laboratory-clean
  • A top choice of laboratories for 65 years, so you know SPEX is a brand you can trust
  • An advocate of STEM programs that bring the study of science to people everywhere

Encouraging the study of STEM

We support science by contributing to STEM programs throughout the United States.

We applaud the world’s scientists for their work to improve the lives of people everywhere.

SPEX supports the study of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and we make it easy for you to do the same. A portion of every SPEX purchase you make goes to one or more STEM organizations that help train young scientists today, so they can make a huge impact in the future.

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